What Are Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

What Are Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Today, many men fail to penetrate successfully at the time of sexual intercourse. It is believed that only older people have to fight against this issue. But the real scenario is completely different.

Not only middle-aged people but also young people face this problem. There are many reasons related to this problem. Some of these are eating unhealthy food, getting into bad habits, stress, depression, not getting enough sleep, and many others. So before talking about medicines, we need to understand the causes of erectile dysfunction and its symptoms.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Impotence is a big challenge for many males, irrespective of their age. In this situation, they cannot penetrate strongly for a longer period while being intimate with their partner. The problem arises because the penis releases a chemical messenger named PDE5 inhibitor, which creates an obstacle to smooth blood flow in the pelvic region.

As a result, patients face soft and short erections, and they cannot satisfy their bed partners. So relationships among couples deteriorate, and males lose their confidence and self-esteem. Many married couples are on the verge of breaking up because their wives are not pregnant. So curbing ED is extremely necessary for a successful relationship.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

  • Male partners lose their interest in sexual intercourse.
  • Patients face problems holding the needle during penetration.
  • Patients experience problems getting penetration.

Medication for erectile dysfunction

Instead of hiding this serious issue, patients need to discuss this problem with the doctor. Many doctors prescribe stimulants for erecting successfully. In most cases, they recommend Viagra, Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, and many other medications for this purpose. But before taking medications, patients need to be careful if they have diabetes or cardiovascular problems.

Physical exercise is a treatment for ED.

Apart from taking medication, patients need to change their lifestyles to combat impotence. Research shows that exercise makes it easier for blood to flow through the penis and lowers blood pressure by making more nitric oxide come out of blood vessels. It is known to everyone that releasing nitric oxide helps to relax muscles and arteries in the penis, which permits blood to flow in the penile region.

This helps it penetrate successfully. Many people are reluctant to exercise daily. But if they develop the habit of walking for 30 minutes daily, this will improve their erectile dysfunction issue. According to the survey, a daily walk reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction by 41%.

But those are fitness freaks; they need to focus more on weightlifting exercises. This kind of exercise helps the body make more testosterone, which helps fix the problem.

According to the study of 2018, if patients do aerobic exercise for 40 minutes a day, they can improve this issue. Brisk walking, running, bicycling, and skiing help improve impotence.

Eat healthy food.

The foods you consume may directly have an effect on erectile dysfunction. A proper diet full of vegetables, fruits, fish, and whole grains can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. It can be said that a healthy diet helps maintain body weight.

Because being obese is not good for leading a good sexual life. Obesity enhances the risk of diabetes and the cardiovascular system. In the cardiovascular issue, the blood vessels in the penis get damaged, and patients face trouble getting a hard erection.

Reduced stress, depression, and anxiety

Nowadays, people are running after their dream: money. For this reason, sometimes they get depressed for not having the desired thing. On the other hand, people have to regularly go through a hectic schedule. For this reason, they are the victims of anxiety and depression.

But these negative elements adversely affect us. For this reason, patients face problems getting an erection. If someone becomes anxious, they can lose their erection suddenly. So curbing these elements is crucial for leading a balanced life. So patients can meditate, do yoga, or do freehand exercise. These help them fight against erectile dysfunction issues.

Give up smoking.

If you want to repair your broken relationship, giving physical satisfaction to your partner is equally important as giving mental satisfaction. So if any male fails to satisfy his partner in bed, they need to treat this erectile dysfunction. If he is addicted to smoking, he needs to give up this bad habit as early as possible.

Smoking raises blood pressure and causes small blood vessels in the penis to get damaged over time. Patients with pre-existing cardiovascular issues should give up smoking. because the supply of blood in the penis becomes limited due to the artery being narrowed.

Consumption of reduced fat and cholesterol in the diet

As per research, those who have cholesterol issues tend to have more erectile dysfunction. For this reason, patients should keep more low-fat foods in their diet. As a consequence, the level of cholesterol gets reduced.

Adequate sleep is essential for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Deficiency in sleep plays a crucial role in the problem of impotency. Testosterone does go up when you get enough sleep, and as a result, your sexual life gets better. The human body’s internal clock controls the release of hormones. The patterns of sleep help to determine the timing of hormone secretion. If patients stick to the same sleep schedule every night, this makes sure that signals are clear and consistent.

Restriction of alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a type of depressant and is responsible for permanent and temporary erectile dysfunction. The central nervous system is the cause of the secretion of nitric oxide. This is an important component for maintaining a sustained erection.

Excessive alcohol consumption increases the problem of erectile dysfunction. For this reason, it becomes the cause of inefficient sex functioning. The secretion of less nitric oxide is the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Monitoring medicine for ending erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction occurs as a side effect of medicine for another health issue. The main things that cause side effects are hypertension, beta-blockers, cholesterol medicines, hormone drugs, hair loss medicines, and chemotherapy.

If you suspect that these drugs may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction problem, you need to go to the doctor. Never stop taking this medicine. You can adjust your dose by talking to a doctor.

Acupuncture is helpful for the treatment of ED naturally.

Research describes how patients can improve their impotency by taking acupuncture treatments. This is helpful for the treatment of sensual disorders caused by side effects of medications like SSRI.

Support from your partner is needed to treat ED.

Those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction can go to the doctor along with their female partner to explain the condition and talk about the best way to fight this problem. This is alternatively known as “non-organic erectile dysfunction.” This may be the reason for anxiety and depression.

According to the research of 2020, cognitive-behavioral therapy, sex therapy, and medicine are beneficial ways to treat impotence. Taking your partner with you to the clinic helps them understand the situation. Not only that, they can help tackle this issue efficiently. After all, to mitigate this issue, you will need the support and cooperation of your partner.

Weight reduction 

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for people with overweight or large waist measurements. If you think that gaining weight is the cause of erectile dysfunction problems, they need to check their weight by doing exercise. According to a 2014 report, after gastric bypass surgery, the condition of the blood vessels and ED get better for obese people. In the same way, a 2017 study report indicates that after bariatric surgery, ED symptoms improve.


Erectile dysfunction problems arise from psychological and physical issues. Sexual trauma, religious beliefs, and fear of failure may be the causes of this. ED leads to some serious mental states, like low self-esteem and emotional distress. These can further worsen the ED. The therapy improves ED by detecting these issues. More research on this subject is required. But mental health interventions and cognitive behavioral therapy work well to treat this problem.

Good conversation 

When we think about having sex, we can start with a nice conversation with our beloved partner. It may prove helpful to improve ED. If you spend a candid moment with your partner while talking with each other, it gives relief from anxiety and tension and creates a romantic ambiance for being sexually excited. that ultimately treats impotence naturally. Keep in mind that sometimes honesty, physical proximity, and love play more important roles than sex in the treatment of ED.

Herbal remedies are helpful for the treatment of ED.

Red ginseng and pomegranate are two important herbal products that help to improve ED. It is said that ginseng releases nitric oxide and helps in the easy flow of blood in the penis. But before taking this, you need to consult with a doctor. as they may interact with other medicines taken.